• JUMBO YARN WINDER - solid wood, smooth, ....... CUSTOM DESIGN


    Jumbo YARN WINDER -Every feature you would want in a winder.  Wind jumbo size cakes in minutes. Relax and wind effortlessly.

    - Handcrafted solid steamed beech and rosewood.

    - The ultimate in beauty, quality and functionality.  

    -  Smooth, quick, and easy on your hands and wrists.   

    -  Comes with small bottle of lubricant that will last a lifetime. 

    - Bracket to hold winder to table if desired

    - Rubber felted feet and clamp to protect your tabletop. 

    - Each piece designed in the My Two Ladies Knitting checkerboard motif   

    -*Color variations may differ in video/photos


    Video tutorial provided to show easy assembly and  operation.   (Cut and paste links if necessary)

    * slight assembly required
    * Please note that a small amount of assembly is required.  The videos below show you how much is required.  If you feel you would rather receive it pre-assembled, we can do that, but will need to charge an extra $9.50 due to the extra shipping size of the box required.  Note Options if you would like to receive assembled.

    Josie of Knit Chats - Customer

    Lois B, My Two Ladies Customer