• ACC002 JUMBO YARN WINDER - solid wood, smooth, ....... CUSTOM DESIGN


    * slight assembly required

    Jumbo YARN WINDER - Handcrafted solid haldu, steamed beech and rosewood. The ultimate in beauty, quality and functionality.  Every feature you would want in a winder.  Smooth, quick, and easy on your hands and wrists. Wind jumbo size cakes in minutes. Relax and wind effortlessly.   Comes with small bottle of lubricant that will last a lifetime.  Rubber felted feet and clamp to protect your tabletop.  Each piece designed in the My Two Ladies checkerboard motif and made with care.  

    *Color variations may differ in video. 

     Video tutorial provided to show easy assembly and  operation.   (Cut and paste links if necessary please)

    * Please note that a small amount of assembly is required.  The video below shows you how much is required.  If you feel you would rather receive it assembled, we can do that, but will need to charge an extra $7.50 due to the extra shipping size of the box required.  Note Options if you would like to receive assembled.

    Josie of Knit Chats - Customer


    Lois B, My Two Ladies Customer