The Ultimate Knitting Needle Collection

The Ultimate Collection $ 330.00 USD

12 Pairs Of My Two Ladies® Patented Rosewood Ergonomic Luxury Knitting Needles

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The Ultimate Collection features a complete set of the My Two Ladies® patented ergonomic luxury knitting needles you love. 

This is the only knitting needle system that’s made with an adjustable toggle to hold all your stitches in place and provides you with a knitting experience like no other.

 You’ll be able to hold 100’s of stitches stress free and comfortably so you can knit longer, with less pain & strain to your hands and wrists.

 Never be without the perfect needles for your project. 

 The Ultimate Collection provides you with all your knitting needs at an incredible savings.

The Collection contains:

Fine Sizes:

  • US#4 (3.5mm)
  • US#5 (3.75mm)
  • US#6 (4.0mm)
  • US#7 (4.5mm)

DK Sizes:

  • US#8 (5.0mm)
  • US#9 (5.5mm)
  • US#10 (6.0mm)
  • US#11 (8.0mm)

Bulky Sizes:

  • US#13 (9.0mm)
  • US#15 (10.0mm)
  • US#17 (12.0mm)
  • US#19 (15.0mm)
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