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Rosewood Thumbprint Crochet Hooks

Rosewood Thumbprint Crochet Hooks

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My Two Ladies® Knitting handcrafted luxury thumbprint crochet hooks bring the warmth, beauty and durability of Rosewood to your hand allowing for more enjoyable experience with less hand fatigue.

Handcrafted to perfection and hand polished by our expert woodworking artisans, these Rosewood thumbprint crochet hooks have been ergonomically designed with a strategically placed thumbprint on each hook.

Plus, the 7” extended length not only allows for your fingers to spread out for better control and comfort, but it also keeps the end of the hook from digging into your palm.

The crochet hook tip slides into those stitches smoothly and effortlessly without snagging or splitting yarn.

Our luxury hooks are handcrafted and designed for your crocheting pleasure.

Fine/Medium Sizes US F - US L - $19.50 USD  

Bulky Sizes US M - US O - $21.50 USD

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