• JUMBO BIG KNIT #US70/35mm - ADJUSTABLE KNITTING NEEDLES, with free drawstring pouch


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    JUMBO BIG KNITS - LUXURY -  ADJUSTABLE STRAIGHT KNITTING NEEDLE SYSTEM - patent pending*  30"cord on each needle

    Handcrafted of exotic Handu and Sheesham Indian woods.  Same technology as our original My Two Ladies adjustable needles NOW with the ability to knit those big, bulky, and heavy projects.   Same luxurious feel.  Great for a beginner or experienced knitter or anyone wanting to get a big project done quickly.  Comes with custom made heavy duty drawstring pouch to store your cherished needles.

    - Knit quicker, and easier than ever before.

    - No seaming necessary

    -Rotating 30" pliable cord and sliding stopper to keep all your stitches at the forefront of your needle.

    -No more twisting and flipping to see your pattern.

    -Takes the stress off of your hands, arms and upper body.

    -Hand rubbed and polished finished makes for silky smooth knitting.