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Jumbo Tabletop Swift 24”-88”

Jumbo Tabletop Swift 24”-88”

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The My Two Ladies™ Tabletop Swift is a luxury, heirloom quality piece that is designed to turn winding your yarn into an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Weighing approximately 2.5 lbs, the solid maple hand turned base keeps the swift firmly in place while the steamed beechwood arms with retractable feet inhibit the yarn from slipping.**

The My Two Ladies™ Tabletop Swift can be used for all weight yarns, holds up to 74” diameter hanks of your favorite yarn and has a smooth, consistent rotation.

Compact and easily portable, assembly takes a mere 15 seconds and you can pair it up with our Jumbo Yarn Winder to create the perfect yarn cake.


***Minor Wood shading or variations may differ from the photos. Assembly and video tutorial provided


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