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Jumbo BIG KNIT | Adjustable | Knitting Needles

Jumbo BIG KNIT | Adjustable | Knitting Needles

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Handcrafted of exotic Haldu and Sheesham woods, these are the jumbo-sized needles you need to knit those big, bulky, and heavy projects with more comfort and ease.

No more continually reaching down to pull up those stitches. No more tangled cords.

Our patented adjustable toggle keeps all your stitches at the forefront of your needle with the touch of your finger. Handle hundreds of stitches with ease.

Hand rubbed and polished finish makes for silky smooth knitting. Great for a beginner or experienced knitter or anyone wanting to get a big project done quickly and effortlessly.  

Comes with a fabric drawstring pouch to store your cherished needles.

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