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Sampler 3 sizes 5, 10, 15 - Adjustable Knitting Needle

Sampler 3 sizes 5, 10, 15 - Adjustable Knitting Needle

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The one and only Adjustable Knitting Needle Sampler Kit. 

- US#5

- US#10


My Two Ladies: Knit for hours PAIN-FREE with this adjustable knitting system

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Inventor Alexis Mantione always enjoyed knitting, but found herself feeling down after a serious accident left her with permanent nerve damage to her dominant hand.

Unable to use regular knitting needles, Alexis created an ergonomic alternative that places FAR less strain on your hands and wrists.

The Adjustable Knitting Needle System allows you to hold 100’s of stitches comfortably while dramatically improving your knitting experience.

This adjustable system feels warm and silky on your hands letting you knit for hours pain-free.

With this patented system, the art of knitting has never been so enjoyable!


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