• KNUS-RW The only PATENTED "good for your hands" adjustable knitting needle system


    PATENTED by and for ONLY  My Two Ladies Knitting.   It's a game changer that will help you knit quicker, easier, longer and with less stress on your hands, wrists, arms and upper body  (see tutorial video on home page).   No more continually reaching down to pull up your stitches that are bunched up and hanging down below. Adjustable slider keeps all your stitches at the forefront of your needle with the touch of your finger.  Heirloom quality needles to pass down for generations to come.


    - Sustainably sourced and certified rosewood.

    -Handcrafted 7" needle for easier grip and control.

    - Luxurious, warm in hands, rosewood.   No more cold, stiff fingers.  

    - Silky smooth, hand polished finish that NEVER needs waxing or care.

    - Holds hundreds of stitches of any weight yarn US4 - US19.  No more buying numerous length cables.

    - Perfect for blankets, shawls and projects with lots of stitches.   No longer necessary to stitch panels together.

    - Ergonomically designed for knitters with an without hand and wrist ailments.  Arthritis friendly.   Knit longer and safer.

    - Each needle constructed with flexible, kink resistant, 20‚ÄĚ ¬†rotating cord, reducing strain to tendons, joints and muscles¬†

    -PATENTED,  spring activated sliding stopper keeping all those stitches upfront  and  QUICKER knitting achieved.

    -No longer necessary to sew blanket panels together.

    - Able to see the pattern of your project lying flat effortlessly.

    ******tutorial video on home page********