About Alexis, founder and inventor

Alexis Mantione, a lifelong knitter, had just retired and was able to get back to serious knitting.  All did not go as planned.  While creating a king sized bulky blanket, it became too heavy and the stitches were too difficult to keep at the tip of the needle.    Forever pulling those stitches up that fall to the bottom of the circular needle cord was too much unnecessary repetitive motion on the body.  This was no longer fun and the hand and wrist pain was growing quickly.  There had to be a better way………….

At that moment while with her local knitting group, that magical lightbulb went off.  She grabbed some knitting tools and supplies, and a working prototype was born.

“How is it that no one has ever thought of this?” she wondered. So, she got to work figuring out how to proceed with this new discovery.  After sharing with other avid knitters, they reported back that they too could now knit for hours with less strain and pain on hands and wrists.  The consensus was “time to apply for a patent” and begin the entrepreneurial journey of learning how to bring this tool to market.  The goal was to help knitters safely and comfortably enjoy their knitting passion.  

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!  Patent Issued one year later.

A tool that was born out of frustration would ultimately become a necessity for knitters, which helped her to appreciate the value and impact of her invention more than ever. 

Fast forward to today, and the My Two Ladies® Patented Ergonomic Luxury Knitting Needle System is available for all to enjoy, along a growing line of luxury fiber art tools and accessories.

Each tool specifically designed or selected to enhance your knitting experience.  These tools are beautiful, functional and gentle on your hands, wrists, and upper body while enjoying the added benefit of knitting longer, quicker and easier

Great example of functional art at it's best!