Brooklyn Boy Knits reviews My Two Ladies on Instagram
"Just when I thought I knew everything there was to know when it came to knitting needles, this little lady comes along and my mind exploded when she invented this system when knitting those big bulky blankets. As most of you know... I love making big knits and always found it frustrating knitting big blankets when all your stitches start scrunching up. With these needles, that no longer is a problem 🤗. Guys you NEEEEED to check out these beautiful needles, especially when knitting those blankets and shawls that require so many stitches. Check out “My Two Ladies” and get your hands on these needles"

February 2018

"These are the most beautiful needles I have ever owned!  I'm obsessed with the sound they make when I knit.  So smooth and scrumptious!! Now I need all the sizes!
LD - Canadian Customer, May 2018

"I've started my very first blanket on these amazing needles and am very much in love! They feel wonderful in my hands and are holding onto a queen sized blanket like it's nothing.  These are amazing!  I would like to add that the customer service is out of this world!  This company is top notch."
Cat P, Long Island, New York, Feb. 2018

"I got my needles today & I have already started using them. I transferred a blanket I've been working on from a circular needle to your needles & they are great!! So much easier to use. They are very smooth & I don't spend as much time pushing the stitches over."
SR, Canada, Oct. 2017

"Love the needles.  Thanks so much for creating them.  Absolutely gorgeous!!!  When do you think you will have the smaller ones?  I was thinking of ordering another whole set"

ZR, England, Oct. 2017

I think your idea is ingenious.

Enlistee USAF, Nov. 2017

These needles are seriously a work of art and their design is absolutely genius! It makes my engineer's heart go aflutter.

Happy Customer, New Jersey, Nov. 2017

Alexis you have outdone yourself, these are fantastic! I’ve never been able to successfully knit because I had so much trouble with the mainstream needles, one hour with these and I’m doing it like a pro. Thanks so much for such an innovative product!

M. - Australia, November 2017