Home of the ONLY Ergonomic Luxury Knitting Needle System designed with a patented adjustable toggle to hold your stitches in place.

My Two Ladies® patented ergonomic luxury knitting
needles are handcrafted by artisans and are hand polished to a brilliant shine
creating a smooth snag-free knitting experience.

This is the ONLY knitting needle system of its kind that was
designed with a patented adjustable toggle that holds hundreds of stitches in place without a second thought.

You’ll find them easy on the hands and wrists while working with any weight yarn.

And the precision tapered needle tips glide in and out of your stiches effortlessly.

My Two Ladies® needles not only make knitting quicker and easier but were designed as a way to help you knit longer, and more comfortably.

The Art Of Knitting Has Never Been So Enjoyable.

  • Pamela C.

    "Best Knitting Needles Ever!

    Cannot say enough positive things about these needles! I have used every kind of knitting needle over many years and these are simply the best! Well worth the investment and, if you have any questions, they are super-fast to respond and really care about their customers. A+++++!"

  • Michele P.

    "These were the perfect solution to my knitting woes, some I didn't even realize I had! Taking the weight off my wrists has made it so I can work longer and not feel the repercussions the next day. Knitting with these also goes faster because it is easier on your hands, a total win! These needles also allowed me to make the largest fluffiest blanket I've ever made. Highly recommended!!!"

  • Cat P.

    "I've started my very first blanket on these amazing needles and am very much in love! They feel wonderful in my hands and are holding onto a queen sized blanket like it's nothing.  These are amazing!  I would like to add that the customer service is out of this world!  This company is top notch."

Meet Alexis, Inventor and Owner of My Two Ladies Knitting

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