Maximize your knitting experience!

We’re not straight.

We’re not square.

We’re not circular.

We’re not interchangeable


Our newest PATENTED needles are going to help you knit quicker, easier and longer with less stress on your hands, wrists and upper body.

Only here! The innovation that is turning the knitting world upside down!

This innovative patented tool was invented by the founder of My Two Ladies to help herself, as well as others, solve knitting problems no one thought were possible.

The “Adjustable Knitting Needle System” holds your stitches in place at forefront of the needle, allowing faster more efficient stitching while reducing hand strain and pain.

- Knit projects with hundreds of stitches of any weight yarn effortlessly.

- No cords of different lengths and connectors to assemble. One needle size does it all. You will always have the length you need.

- Lay out your project FLAT and easily view your project as often as you wish.

- No connectors to loosen and continually tighten for fear of it coming apart while knitting.

- No more seaming panels together to make a big blanket, etc.

- Make those shawls as large as you want without stitch or size restrictions.

YOU are now in control, not your outdated knitting needles.



    It was worth the wait....... three adjustable tunisian crochet hooks J, L, N and luxury case.


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  • Learn a new skill. Create and Relax. No experience necessary.

    The My Two Ladies® Deluxe Top Whorl Drop Spindle is hand crafted and precision balanced for a long, even spin. Made from solid Rosewood and designed with our signature checkerboard pattern it is as beautiful to look at as it is easy to use. Complete set with spindle, case, fiber and instructions. Get together with a group and create.

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  • Congratulations My Two Ladies Knitting

    It’s no longer a secret. We have broke the knitting needle mold. Anything is possible when you want to solve a problem. Start knitting all your projects that have lotssss of stitches of any weight yarn effortlessly and no more pulling those stitches back up to needle tip that keep falling to bottom of circular cords. How did we live without this?

    Watch and learn. 


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- Our needles, hooks and accessories are either patented or designed by us.

- You can only get them from My Two Ladies or affiliates.

- We do not sell on Amazon and keep tight control of our brand.

- Call us and we will chat with you and answer any questions or even set up a private face to face call if needed.

- Email us and we will answer any questions promptly

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